• Root and Branch Football Review


    Root and Branch Football Review

    • Aug 22,2017

    “Tell Us What YOU Think”

    A root and branch Football review is now being carried out by Roscommon County Board.  A report on the review will be presented to the clubs.  Any adaptations that emerge from this review will be presented for adoption to club delegates and will be implemented for the 2018 season. 

    The guidelines that the review committee have been tasked with following are as follows ;

    • To assess current competitions.
    • Examine combination/independent units within the county.
    • Examine best practice in relation to other counties.
    • Assess whether we have enough or too many competitions. 
    • Investigate aligning underage categories within the county in line with national age category changes.

    To formulate the review report a consultation process,  will commence over the next couple of months getting as wide an input as possible, from all the stakeholders and interested parties, into the development of the next Club Competitions Structures Plan for Roscommon.

    To gather information we have a survey at the bottom of the page which we would like you to complete. 

    The questionnaire is eliciting responses from different perspectives, club officials, Mentors/Coach, Players (both past and present) and members.  Your responses will determine the direction of Roscommon club football until the next review -2020.

    Please see the survey forms at the bottom of this page which we will be using as part of our review. This survey will form some of the basis for the upcoming Open Meetings.


    The meetings are scheduled as follows;

    Tuesday 5th September, Culleen Hall, Lecarrow at 9 pm,

    Wednesday 6th September, Strokestown GAA club, at 9 pm,

    Thursday 7th September, The Creamery, Croghan at 8 pm.

    • The review is inclusive of both Adult and Underage Competitions.
    • All clubs are asked to discuss this at your next committee meeting and circulate to all officers and coaches within your Football club.
    • If you think it's broken -tell us and between us we might be able to fix it.
    • If you think it's working DEFINITELY tell us, so we don't break it.

    It is in the interest of every Club Committee (Senior & Minor) to submit a survey. While it is also open to any individual to submit their own personal one.

    Football Competitions Review 2017.pdf   Football Competitions Review 2017.docx

    The final deadline for submissions is Thursday 14th September.