• Roscommon GAA Statement re Friday's Election


    Roscommon GAA Statement re Friday's Election

    • May 21,2019

    Roscommon GAA, the premier sporting, cultural and community organisation in Roscommon is a non-political organisation. There is an election this Friday and many of the candidates are associated with Roscommon GAA. Roscommon GAA is not endorsing any candidates in the election however we do encourage everybody to vote. 

    In addition, we own a copyrighted image, the Roscommon GAA crest. This crest is not a symbol of endorsement and we would remind all that this image is not for use by anybody other than Roscommon GAA. 

    We in Roscommon GAA commend all the candidates for taking part in the democratic process, wish all candidates the very best of luck and encourage everybody to vote.