An emigrant’s message

June 18th, 2019

We received this lovely poem yesterday from Tony Fallon.


I’ve been in America now for more than fifty years

Yesterday in front of my computer I shed happy tears

In my head this morning I can still hear the Salthill roar

But I still want to sit there again and cry a little more

At half time Roscommon was acting far from superior

Another day for their loyal fans to once more feel inferior

Even the most loyal thought we had backed a dead horse

But little David beat that brute Goliath and did it with force

How were we to know the dead horse was not yet buried?

And that by full time it would be Galway who would feel harried

Did Cunningham remind them of that glorious game in sixty two?

I thought of it often as their confidence grew and grew

This day will be more remembered than the races in Castlebar

Which must have been on many minds passing through Ballygar

This can be a lesson to those you are facing obvious despair

It would have been so easy to fold up beneath the national glare

The constant Heart was there on display no one can deny

Facing other adversity “Remember Salthill” must be the rallying cry


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