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YearWinnerScoreRunner-upScoreCaptain(s)RefereeTop Scorer
2022Strokestown0-11Boyle0-10D Neary & D McGannDonie Smith (Boyle) 0-05,2f
2021Padraig Pearse’s2-08Clann na nGael0-11Ciaran Lennon (0-6, 4f, 1m)
2020St Brigid’s1-11Padraig Pearses0-08
2019Padraig Pearses2-10Roscommon Gaels1-10
2018Clann na nGael4-15St Brigid’s1-12
2017St Brigid’s3-13Roscommon Gaels3-07
2016St Brigid’s2-14Padraig Pearses2-07
2015Clann na nGael1-09Padraig Pearses0-11Jonathon DunningVivian Hardiman (Western GaelsDonie Shine (Clann na nGael) 1-3
2014St Brigid’s3-12St Faithleach’s0-07Francis Keane (Michael Glaveys)Frankie Dolan (St. Brigids)
2013St Brigid’s1-13Western Gaels0-09Niall GrehanPaddy Neilan (St Faithleachs)Frankie Dolan (St. Brigids) 1-4
2012St Brigid’s2-08Padraig Pearses0-09Darragh Donnelly and Gearóid CunniffeePaddy Neilan (St Faithleachs)Frankie Dolan (St. Brigids) 2-4
2011St Brigid’s1-09Elphin0-07Darragh DonnellyMarty Parker (St Faithleachs)Frankie Dolan (St. Brigids) 0-4 (3f)
2010St Brigid’s0-14Elphin0-09Niall GrehanMichael Brennan (Boyle)Frankie Dolan (St. Brigids) 0-7 (6 f, 1 ’45’)
2009Castlerea St Kevin’s0-10Western Gaels0-06Nigel DineenHaulie Beirne (Tulsk)Ger Heneghan (Castlerea St. Kevin’s) and Derek Moran (Western Gaels) 0-4 each
2008 DCastlerea St Kevin’s0-12Padraig Pearses1-09,Nigel DineenOllie Kelly (St Faithleachs)Ger Heneghan (Castlerea St. Kevin’s) 1-6,
2008 RCastlerea St Kevin’s0-9,Padraig Pearses0-8,Nigel DineenDeclan Hunt (St Josephs)Ger Heneghan (Castlerea St. Kevin’s) 0-5,
2007St Brigid’s1-12St Faithleach’s0-09Frankie DolanSeamus Regan (Eire Og)Benny O’Brien (St. Brigid’s) 1-2
2006St Brigid’s1-07St Faithleach’s1-05Mark O CarrollDeclan Hunt (St Josephs)David O’Connor (St. Brigid’s) 0-4
2005St Brigid’s2-09Padraig Pearses0-11Brendan O’BrienPeter Carney (Elphin)Seán Fahy (Pádraig Pearse’s) 0-7
2004Roscommon Gaels0-10Kilbride0-08Brian McNeelaJimmy Reilly (St Josephs)Alan Nolan (Roscommon Gaels) 0-5
2003Castlerea St Kevin’s1-09St Brigid’s0-11Niall FinneganAnthony Flaherty (Fuerty)Ger Heneghan (Castlerea St. Kevin’s) 0-8
2002Strokestown2-11St Brigid’s0-11Donal HanlyGearóid O Cinnaimhe (Clann na Gael)Kevin J. Dolan (Strokestown) 1-2
2001Roscommon Gaels0-12Kilmore0-08Ross ShannonBob McCormack (St Faithleachs)Ken Hegarty (Roscommon Gaels) 0-3
2000Kilbride1-11St Brigid’s1-08Stephen LohanHaulie Beirne (Tulsk)Eddie Lohan (Kilbride) 0-5
1999Roscommon Gaels0-10Kilmore0-06Ciaran HeneghanJimmy Tarmey (St FaithleachsMichael McHale & Clifford McDonald (Gaels) 0-4 each
1998Roscommon Gaels0-15Kilmore0-09Michael McHaleJohnny Cox (St Barrys)Alan Nolan (Roscommon Gaels) 0-11
1997St Brigid’s1-08Clann na nGael1-07Tom Og O’BrienBob McCormack (St Faithleachs)Frankie Dolan (St. Brigid’s) & Emmet Durney (Clann na nGael) 0-4 each
1996Clann na nGael0-11Michael Glaveys1-06Keith GavinHaulie Beirne (Tulsk)Emmet Durney (Clann na nGael) 0-5
1995Clann na nGael0-12Strokestown0-08Keith GavinJimmy Tarmey (St Faithleachs)Luke Dolan (Strokestown) 0-5
1994Roscommon Gaels0-12Strokestown0-06Kevin McStayAnthony Flaherty (Athleague)Brendan Penney (Ros Gaels) 0-4
1993Clann na nGael1-12Castlerea St Kevin’s0-07Enon GavinSean Mullaney (Kilbride)Shane Curran (Castlerea St. Kevin’s) 0-4
1992Strokestown1-10,Roscommon Gaels1-10,Donal HanleySean Mullaney (Kilbride)Tom Corcoran (Strokestown) 1-2
1992 RStrokestown1-14,Roscommon Gaels0-10,Donal HanleySean Mullaney (Kilbride)Michael Donlon (Strokestown) 1-2; Luke Dolan (Strokestown) & Aidan Heneghan (Roscommon Gaels) both 0-5
1991Clann na nGael2-09Strokestown0-10Joey ConnaughtonJoe Kearney (Roscommon Gaels)Tony McManus, Fergal Shine (Clann na nGael) & Luke Dolan (Strokestown) All with 0-4
1990Clann na nGael4-13Castlerea St Kevin’s2-04Paul McManusNoel O Brien (St Brigid’s)Eamon Jnr. McManus (Clann na nGael) 2-6
1989Clann na nGael3-11St Brigid’s1-01Paul McManusMichael Carroll (St Croans)Emmet Durney (Clann na nGael) 1-5
1988Clann na nGael2-12Strokestown0-05Paul McManusSean Mullaney (Kilbride)Tony McManus (Clann na nGael) 1-
1987Clann na nGael3-09Kilmore0-07Owen McManusJoe Kearney (Roscommon Gaels)Tom Lennon (Clann na nGael) 0-5
1986Clann na nGael1-09Elphin0-05Fran NicholsonSean Mullaney (Kilbride)Eamon Jnr. McManus (Clann na nGael) 1-2
1985Clann na nGael3-10Roscommon Gaels1-04Tony McManusSean Mullaney (Kilbride)Eamon Jnr. McManus (Clann na nGael) 1-8
1984Clann na nGael0-07St Brigid’s0-01PJ GlynnMichael Fahey (Roscommon Gaels)
1983Kilmore1-08St Brigid’s1-07Jimmy ConnellanMickey Durney (Clann na Gael)
1982Clann na nGael2-14St Brigid’s1-04Mike KeeganSean Mullaney (Kilbride)
1981Clann na nGael2-05St Faithleach’s0-06Vincet HarneySean Mullaney (Kilbride)
1980Roscommon Gaels1-10Clann na nGael0-09Larry O GaraJimmy Martin (St Brigid’s)
1979Clann na nGael0-06, 5-13 (R – AET)St Brigid’s0-06, 3-09 (R – AET)Johnny NeillSean Mullaney (Kilbride)
1978Roscommon Gaels2-07Clann na nGael0-08Mick McNeelaSean Mc Manaman (Castlerea St Kevin’s)
1977Clann na nGael1-06Roscommon Gaels0-08Eamon McManus SnrP F Dwyer (Oran)
1976Clann na nGael0-08Roscommon Gaels0-04Liam O NeillSean McManaman(Castlerea St Kevin’s)
1975Roscommon Gaels0-06, 1-13 (R, AET)Castlerea St Kevin’s1-03, 2-07 (R, AET)John O GaraJoe Moore St Aidan’s (Draw and replay)
1974Roscommon Gaels2-10Creggs2-06Michael McNamaraJimmy Martin (St Brigid’s)
1973Castlerea St Kevin’s0-10St. Brigid’s2-02John KerraneAttie Hynes (Elphin)
1972Roscommon Gaels2-05Castlerea St Kevin’s0-02Gerry CoffeyAttie Hynes (Elphin)
1971Castlerea St Kevin’s2-11Clann na nGael1-02Paddy DuignanPaddy O Connor (Roscommon Gaels)
1970Clann na nGael1-13Roscommon Gaels1-08Tony WhyteJimmy Martin (St Brigid’s)
1969St Brigid’s2-02Roscommon Gaels0-04Frank KennyJohn Dowling (Offally)
1968Castlerea St Kevin’s2-08Padraig Pearses0-07Tommy CurranTom Boyle (Ballinasloe)
1967Castlerea St Kevin’s1-07Clann na nGael1-06Jackie ClearyLeo McCormack (Ballymahon)
1966Clann na nGael2-09Elphin1-06Tony WhytePaddy O Connor (Roscommon Gaels)
1965St Faithleach’s0-10Shannon Gaels1-06Frank BeirnePaddy O Connor (Roscommon Gaels)
1964Shannon Gaels2-03Roscommon Gaels0-06Aidan KelleherJimmy Martin St Brigid’s
1963St Brigid’s2-14Padraig Pearses1-05Gerry O MalleyPaddy O Connor (Roscommon Gaels)
1962Roscommon Gaels1-11St Brigid’s1-10Eddie O ConnorPatsy Geraghty (Galway)
1961Clann na nGael2-08Elphin1-10Tony WhyteJimmy Martin (St Brigid’s)
1960United Stars (Oran/Creggs)1-05Na Fianna0-03Jim Mc HughBill Jackson (Tarmon)
1959St Brigid’s0-12Elphin1-04
1958St Brigid’s1-08Castlerea St Kevin’s0-03
1957Elphin1-05St Brigid’s0-05
1956Elphin2-08Eoghan Ruadh2-03
1955Elphin4-04Roscommon St Coman’s0-01
1954Roscommon St Coman’s1-01Elphin0-03
1953St Brigid’s1-09Elphin0-03
1952Roscommon St Coman’s0-04Elphin0-03
1951Elphin0-05St Patrick’s0-04
1950Elphin2-06Roscommon St Coman’s0-09
1949St Patrick’s1-05Elphin0-04
1948St Patrick’s2-09Elphin0-04
1947Tarmon2-13St Patrick’s2-02
1946St Patrick’s1-11Roscommon St Coman’s0-06
1945St Patrick’s1-09Tarmon0-06
1944Tarmon0-05, 0-06 (R), 2-07 (2nd R)Roscommon St Coman’s0-05, 1-03 (R), 0-06 (2nd R)
1943St Patrick’s3-03Strokestown1-03
1942St Patrick’s2-07Tarmon0-06
1941Tarmon1-06, 1-09 (R)St Patrick’s1-06, 1-05 (R)
1938Roscommon Town2-02Elphin1-02
1937Elphin2-07Roscommon Town1-04
1936Roscommon Town4-06Elphin1-03
1932Elphin3-02Roscommon Town0-01
1931Elphin2-02, 2-05 (R)Roscommon Town1-05, 2-04 (R)
1930Roscommon Town1-06Strokestown1-02
1926Strokestown2-03Roscommon Town1-00
1924Tulsk2-01Roscommon Town2-00
1922No Championship
1921No records
1917Strokestown3-03Roscommon St Coman’s0-03
1915StrokestownRoscommon St Coman’s
1914Kilbride0-02, 1-02 (R)Tulsk0-02, 0-01 (R)
1913Roscommon Town3-04Strokestown0-02
1912Roscommon Town1-01Tulsk0-00
1911Roscommon Town1-01Tulsk0-00
1905Elphin O’Brien’s0-05Kilbride0-02
1904Elphin O’Brien’s1-03Roscommon Town0-00
1903Elphin O’Brien’s1-11Roscommon Town0-02
1902Elphin O’Brien’s0-04Tulsk0-01
1901Elphin O’Brien’s0-06Roscommon De Wetts0-00
1900No Championship
1899No Championship
1898No Championship
1897No Championship
1896No Championship
1895No Championship
1894No Championship
1893No Championship
1892No Championship

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