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YearSenior ChampionRunner-UpJunior Champions
2023Four RoadsAthleagueFour Roads
2022Four RoadsPadraig Pearses Tremane
2020Padraig PearsesAthleague
2019Four RoadsAthleague
2018AthleagueFour Roads
2017Padraig PearsesFour Roads
2016OranFour Roads
2015Four RoadsPádraig Pearse’s
2014Four RoadsAthleague
2013Four RoadsOran
2012Four RoadsPádraig Pearse’s
2011Four RoadsAthleague
2010Four RoadsPádraig Pearse’s
2009Four RoadsOran
2008Four RoadsPádraig Pearse’s
2007AthleaguePádraig Pearse’s
2006AthleaguePádraig Pearse’s
2005Four RoadsAthleague
2004OranFour Roads
2002Four RoadsPádraig Pearse’s
2001Four RoadsSt Dominic’s
2000Four RoadsAthleague
1999St Dominic’sOran
1998OranSt Dominic’s
1997Four RoadsSt Dominic’s
1996Four RoadsTremane
1995TremaneSt Dominic’s
1994St Dominic’sFour Roads
1993Four RoadsAthleague
1992OranFour Roads
1991Four RoadsOran
1990OranFour Roads
1989OranFour RoadsBallygar
1988Four RoadsPádraig Pearse’sFour Roads
1987Pádraig Pearse’sOranBallygar
1986Four RoadsTremaneFuerty/Athleague/Tremane
1985BallygarTremaneFour Roads
1984Pádraig Pearse’sFour Roads
1983Four RoadsBallygar
1982Four RoadsBallygar
1981Four RoadsTremane
1977Four RoadsTremaneFour Roads
1975AthleagueFour RoadsCreagh
1974TremaneSt Patrick’s
1973TremaneFour Roads
1972TremaneRoscommon Gaels
1971Four RoadsSt Patrick’s
1970Roscommon GaelsFour Roads
1969Roscommon GaelsFour Roads
1968TremaneFour Roads
1967St Patrick’sTremane
1966Roscommon GaelsSt Patrick’sSt Patrick’s
1965Roscommon GaelsAthleagueSt Patrick’s
1964Roscommon GaelsTremane
1963TremaneFour Roads
1962Four RoadsRoscommon Gaels
1961Roscommon GaelsTremaneSouth Roscommon
1960TremaneSt. Patrick’s Hospital, Castlerea
1959AthleagueTremaneRoscommon Gaels
1958Four RoadsAthleagueSt. Patrick’s Hospital, Castlerea
1957AthleagueSouth Roscommon
1956TremaneFour RoadsSouth Roscommon
1955AthleagueFour RoadsTremane
1954Four RoadsFuerty
1953AthleagueFour RoadsTremane
1952St Coman’sFour RoadsBallygar
1951St Coman’sAthleagueBluefield
1950Four RoadsFour Roads
1949AthleagueFour Roads
1948Four RoadsAthleague
1947Athleague (R)Four Roads (R)
1946Four RoadsAthleague
1945Four RoadsSt Coman’s
1944St Coman’s
1943No Championship
1942No Championship
1941No Championship
1940No Championship
1939No Championship
1938Roscommon TownAthleague
1936Roscommon Town
1935Roscommon TownMilitary (Athlone)
1933Roscommon Town
1932Roscommon Town
1931Roscommon Town
1927Boyle (Military)
1925Roscommon Town
1924Roscommon Town
1923Roscommon Town
1922No Championship
1921No Championship
1920No Championship
1919No Championship
1918No Championship
1917No Championship
1915Roscommon Town
1914Roscommon Town
1913Roscommon Town
1912No Championship
1911No Championship
1908Araghty Gaels (Athleague)
1907Tisara (Four Roads)
1906Tisara (Four Roads)
1905Tisara (Four Roads)
1904Gaels Roscommon
1903Gaels Roscommon
1902Gaels Roscommon

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