Year“A” / Division 1“B” / Division 2“C” / Division 3
2023Casterea St. Kevin’sSt. Michael’s/St. Ronan’ Strokestown
2022Roscommon GaelsOran/St. CroansSt. Dominics
2021Kilmore/Shannon GaelsSt. Croan’sKilbride
2020BoyleOran/St. Croan’sSt. Domnic’s
2019Pádraig PearsesStrokestownElphin/Ballinameen
2018St. BrigidsRoscommon GalesKilbride
2017St. BrigidsCastlerea St. KevinsTulsk Lord Edwards
2016St. BrigidsPadraig PearsesElphin/Balinameen
2015St. BrigidsCastlerea St. KevinsElphin
2014Clann na nGaelStrokestownÉire Óg
2013St. BrigidsStrokestownTulsk Lord Edwards
2012Clann na nGaelSt CiaransTulsk Lord Edwards
2011Clann na nGaelWestern GaelsEire Og
2010StrokestownWestern GaelsSt Croans
2009Michael GlaveysCastlerea St. KevinsElphin
2008Padraig PearsesSt AidansOran
2007St. BrigidsBoyle
2006Castlerea St. KevinsStrokestownKilglass Gaels
2005 Éire ÓgCastlerea St. KevinsSt Faithleachs
2004St. BrigidsBoyleSt Dominics
2003Clann na nGaelSt CroansSt Barrys
2002Padraig PearsesEire ÓgSt Michaels
2001Roscommon GaelsMichael GlaveysSt Michaels
2000Clann na nGaelSt. AidansKilglass Gaels
1999St. BrigidsKilmoreKilbride
1998St. BrigidsWestern GaelsÉire Óg
1997St. BrigidsWestern Gaels
1996Padraig PearsesKilmore
1995 Padraig Pearses
1994Padraig Pearses
1993St. Brigids
1992Roscommon Gaels
1991Roscommon Gaels
1990Castlerea St. Kevins
1985St. Brigids
1984St. Brigids
1983St. Brigids

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YearDivision 1Division 2Division 3
2023Castlerea St. Kevin’sElphin/BallinameenSt. Aidan’s
2022Kilmore/Shannon GaelsClann na nGaelSt. Brigid’s
2021No CompetitionNo CompetitionNo Competition
2020No CompetitionNo CompetitionNo Competition
2019St. Brigid’sSt. Ciaran’sSt. Dominic’s
2018Padraig PearsesElphin/Ballinameen Éire Óg/Michael Glaveys
2017St. BrigidsOranKilglass Gaels/St. Barrys
2016Clann na nGaelStrokestownSt. Aidans
2015Clann na nGaelStrokestownCastlerea St Kevins
2014Padraig PearsesSt. FaithleachsTulsk Lord Edwards
2013St. BrigidsStrokestownSt. Ronans
2012St. BrigidsSt. CiaransKilbride
2011St. CroansOranClann na nGael B
2010BoyleWestern GaelsSt. Faithleachs
2009BoyleCastlerea St. KevinsElphin
2008St. Croans
2007St. Michaels
2006Castlerea St. KevinsMichael Glaveys
2005Padraig PearsesCastlerea St. KevinsMichael Glaveys
2004Elphin (Winter League?)St. Michaels
2003Michael Glaveys
2002St. Croans or St. Ronans*Kilglass Gaels
2000BoyleMichael Glaveys

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