Roscommon GAA Finances

April 2nd, 2021

Roscommon GAA finances back on track as Interim Finance Committee appointed by Croke Park stands down

On Monday March 22nd, Roscommon GAA turned another financial corner when the Interim Finance Committee, appointed by Croke Park, stood down and passed all financial control back to the County Board Officers.

At the final meeting, held virtually due to Covid restrictions, Interim Finance Committee Chairman John Murphy, complemented the massive efforts of Roscommon GAA in completing a remarkable financial turnaround in just over three years.

Since its inception in 2017, the Interim Finance Committee have assisted the Board in monitoring and managing significant income and expenditure items by conducting regular financial scenario planning and recommending a long-term framework. With full financial control, the Roscommon County Board now looks forward to a stable financial future and hope to commence capital development works at Dr. Hyde Park and the Dermot Earley Centre of Excellence in the near future while also ensuring teams are adequately prepared and the current coaching structures continue their excellent work.

Roscommon GAA are the envy of many counties due to the very strong commercial and fundraising arm, Club Rossie, which has raised €2.1 million (net) during the past three years. This committee, working alongside the County Board Officers, the County Executive and all the clubs within the County are responsible alongside our two main sponsors, Seán Mulryan and Tom Hunt, for reverting Roscommon GAA to a stable financial footing.

Roscommon Treasurer, David O Connor, thanked the outgoing Interim Finance Committee for all their help and commended the finance team in Croke Park, led by Kathy Slattery, for advising and guiding them through this tough period. David O’Connor added, “We have terrific supporters, are blessed with two wonderful main sponsors in Seán Mulryan and Tom Hunt and with Club Rossie going from strength to strength each year, the future looks bright.”

Roscommon GAA will now proceed to appoint a new Finance Committee in 2021. An audit committee will also be appointed with external independent members to oversee and review regularly how the Roscommon GAA County Board are running their affairs. This will ensure continued good governance. Both Committees will be confirmed by the County Committee over the next few weeks and then the make-up of these Committees, along with all our other sub-committees will be announced.

Roscommon GAA Chairperson Brian Carroll looks forward to some normality returning to the GAA scene later this year and is committed to do what’s best for Roscommon GAA, both on and off the field. “As a County we found ourselves in a very challenging financial position in 2017. Since then, with the help of the Interim Finance Committee, we worked together to get our financial situation back on track. I want to thank everyone in Club Rossie, the members of the Interim Finance Committee, members of the County & Management Committees, all our clubs, our two main sponsors Seán Mulryan & Tom Hunt and all our other sponsors for their continued support in reaching this milestone. We must now ensure that our financial situation stays in a healthy state while continuing to progress the GAA in Roscommon, both on and off the playing field. Hopefully, before long, we will see all our players back on the pitch and our supporters at games, with everyone back where they belong”.

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