Rossies win Australian Open

August 8th, 2016
Australian Open
Two former St. Coman’s stalwarts now domiciled in Australia teamed up to win the Australian Open doubles 40×20 title last weekend. Cousins Chris and Lydia Doolan played superbly to prevail while facing some stiff competition, the strongest of which were fellow Irish teams.
What made the win all the more remarkable is that all the other teams consisted of males only, but anyone who ever saw Lydia play won’t be surprised to hear she comfortably held her own against the men. Possibly the greatest underage female player ever, up until last year Lydia hadn’t played handball for over 10 years due to college, work and family commitments, but when Chris arrived Down Under he coaxed her back and like so many before her, once she returned she was quickly hooked again

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